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"Vacations are great! But why wait?"

A Sample Lecture by Jessica Dela Rosa.

Speaking Engagements

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Juggling it all: Crafting a customized blueprint for your work-life harmony. 

Learn how to create a meaningful & personalized blueprint for achieving harmony between your work and personal lives. We will spend some time understanding the importance of prioritization, delegation, and self-care in finding balance and reducing stress.


Take Back Control: Empowering techniques for managing anxiety & stress in the busy professional woman.

Learn practical techniques and strategies for managing daily anxiety and stress, specifically tailored to the needs of busy professional women. Techniques emphasized include mindfulness practices, self-care, and setting boundaries to maintain work-life balance.


The Pathway to Hitting Reset for Energy, Clarity, & Joy. 

Learn how hitting reset can energize our lives, help us gain more clarity and to find joy in our everyday experiences. We can reset through holistic lifestyle changes. By taking small steps daily, it's possible to create a life with greater balance and fulfillment.

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