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My Story

My Life:

Growing up I was a dreamer, a passionate right brain who dreamt of doing anything related to expressing myself through some creative way. I've always believed that joy is the key to youth and a healthy body! I wanted to live in the world and contribute to it by creating inspiration that would motivate people and would bring them joy. But - I was afraid of choosing a path that was not traditionally practical. So I went to nursing school. Nursing wasn't the artsy fun I wanted to surround myself with but it was responsible, it was caring for others, allowed me to contribute to others and it certainly was, still is, job security.


I dedicated myself to building a career in nursing, one that would take me all the way to the top as an executive in the healthcare industry. It was HARD work!! But I pushed and persevered as hard as it needed me to...I put everyone ahead of me, made every decision based on how it made the other person or people feel, not caring much about whether I wanted to or not.

And then I burned myself out, to the point where I had to take a mandatory time out and reflect on the important things in my life. I wasn't happy and needed to decompress, destress, recover, and then ask myself what did I truly, really want.

My Health:

My health took a toll, my mental health, my physical was all on a downward spiral. I gained a lot of dangerous weight for myself, not so much from overeating but from letting stress wreak havoc on my body. I was living in the fight or flight response day and night. I was not getting sleep, was not exercising, and was not caring enough to ensure that I was eating well. Total self destruction.


My Journey. My Decision.

I prioritized my physical and mental health as the most important elements in my life. I realized I was no good to anyone in the state that I was in. So I started putting everything else on hold to make time for my own nourishments (physical, mental, spiritual, emotional). I prioritized my fitness and learning how to eat right - as if they were my J-O-B (and by the way, I am a mom, a wife, a daughter and I made a way to prioritize myself without short-changing my other roles). In fact, my prioritizing of my own self care made me twice as good at being a mom, a wife and a daughter!! 


I made a decision....

I decided who I wanted to be, who and how I wanted to identify as.... and that was as a person who believes health and wellness are the most important elements to a joy filled life... and a joy filled life is what decided I wanted.

I decided that I will be someone who puts herself first in order to be there for everyone else I love.

I made the decision to work through my own obstacles and barriers to crossing the chasm between my bad situation to the other side where my happy and healthier version was waiting for me. It took a lot of habit changes, mindset resetting, reflection, bravery, gratitude, and most of all, faith that the process (becuase it was a process) would work.

Got to Trust the process!!

Hi! I'm Jessica.

I am a Health and Life Wellness Coach. I am also a Registered Nurse of 20+ years.

Life Coach

A Health Coach "is a healthcare professional trained in evidence-based communication techniques such as motivational interviewing. The coaching experience is a nuanced conversational process that gets people developing the intrinsic motivation and confidence to hit realistic weekly wellbeing goals, spending real time with you, around 50 minutes a week for at least 3 months. The science shows that’s when new habits start to stick"     

~ Global Wellness Summit

"You either take control of your life or it takes control of you - and then it owns you. It’s that simple."

Life Coach

My Mission

I help people who have found themselves in a place where they feel like they have lost their true selves in the life they have built around them. I'm helping them figure out how to get to the life they imagine as their happiest and healthiest. Connecting them with the future version of the person they desire to be. Whether it is to develop healthier habits for a healthier lifestyle or busting through barriers that keep them from having the life experience they desire.


Empowering YOU to step back, let go, say yes to yourself and take empowered action steps to meeting your greatest goals.

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