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Helping Women Create a Harmonious Balance Between Professional Commitments & Personal Well-Being.

End the Burnout.Stop the Madness. 

Our Life Coaching Program will have you living YOUR LIFE on YOUR TERMS.

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You have overwhelming to do-lists, endless obligations

& expectations.


You're feeling ineffective, exhausted, anxious, irritable, stressed, and like a failure.


You're stress eating, consuming alcohol more than you'd rather be drinking because you are looking for some form of fun and / or looking for a way to relax.


Your sleep sucks and you're tired of being tired.

Take the Next Steps

  1. Schedule an appointment

2. Enjoy a free coaching session with me

3. Walk away with a tailored wellness strategy built just for you.

I help career-successful women reclaim their time and productivity, by eliminating overwhelming stress, increasing their energy, and mental clarity, so they can fully focus on what matters most.

Because overwhelming stress and burnout are not the price paid for success.

Join the movement...

Take the Next Steps and...

Take back control of your time and energy and live a focused and free life.

  1. Schedule an appointment

2. Enjoy a free coaching session with me

3. Walk away with a tailored wellness strategy built just for you.


Take your time back, do the things that make you happy, & live the fun vibrant life of the woman you were created to be!

Energy Reset for Stress Management Toolkit

And watch the best version of you take charge!

Jessica Health Life Wellness Coaching, LLC.


Energy Reset for Stress Management Toolkit

Tired of feeling the stress, anxiety, lack of motivation, lost time, loss of control, confused, unfocused and lack of clarity?

Tired of being tired? Start a journey to PRACTICAL SELF CARE and get your energy, clarity and joy back!!

Life Coach

Jessica Dela Rosa,
Health & Life Wellness Coach
Stress Management
& Burnout Recovery Coach.

I’m inspired as an advocate for women, women who’ve worked hard and are now career-successful like me, but are now feeling burned out as typically these women are doing everything for everyone on top of building their success. Burnout is a dangerous game to play and as a life coach, coupled with my background in nursing, and like you I have experienced my own journey in burnout, to the point of being forced to take my own time out from
life's obligations. I
understand the consequences
of stress on the body - and
this is a calling to help educate,
inspire and motivate! 

Health Coach
Plant Blossom

 Busy career-successful women 
are done with accepting overwhelming stress and
exhaustion as the price to be paid for success!

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self care

Are you a busy career woman with overwhelming exhaustion and stress waiting to have more energy, mental clarity and focus so you can get organized, focused and productive?

Done with Exhaustion!

self care

See what our clients are saying...

"Hands down this has been a freaking game changer!" ~L. Green

"Like finally being able to breathe..."   ~D. Nicolas

"bringing Jessica into my life helped me feel like I was finally regaining control of my life"    ~ A. Perez

Green Plants

Life Coaching

It's hard to focus, its getting harder to keep up with the endless demands of our everyday to-do's and the stress is starting to eat you alive...enough is enough and something has to give.

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