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Your habits determine your quality of life.

Updated: May 28, 2023

Habits are the number 1 determiner of quality of life. Let me repeat that….Habits are the number 1 determiner of quality of life.

developing new habits starts with one action at a time.
develop new habits

Wow! 🤯 Quality of life is defined by your habits!! Bad habits = poor quality Good habits = high quality What does this mean for you? 1 - sit down and make a list of what habits you have right now that you consider bad/poor, want to stop doing. 2 - make a list of the good/right habits you want to incorporate into your daily routine. What would having those good habits mean to you? Who would you be? Who do you want to be? How would you experience a better reality for yourself with these new habits? Why is that important to you? It’s only when we acknowledge the real reasons behind the changes we want - and have an honest discussion with ourselves about why it is important to us that we carry those new habits in our daily life - do we then start the process of change and accomplishing the adoption of a new habit / practice / behavior. It’s about identifying with our “new (desired) version” of ourselves, doing that allows us to adopt those new habits we so desire successfully. It’s then, that to be different (that is, different from who we were before our new habit), is done without having to remember to be different.


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