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Why 12? The answer:

It's 12 Weeks to Transformation & Unleashing Lifelong Habits That Help You Break Free from Stress!

Hi there! Hope this message finds you in the midst of taking steps forward in your life and feeling big and small wins towards experiencing the joy in life!

In this week's post I wanted to share with you the answer to a question I am asked often and that is:

Why are life coaching programs so often 12 weeks, why can't I just do one session whenever I need it?

On the surface it would seem like getting to do just one session here or there could be beneficial as opposed to committing to 12 weeks, but in the pursuit of personal growth and self-improvement, we naturally will find ourselves up again decades of programming and unhealthy habits, beliefs, and thought patterns that contribute to stress and hinder progress and our happiness.

Have you ever tried loosing some weight and do well for a little bit of time only to fall back into old habits? This is a common example for many of us, that includes me, of how we are great to start strong but struggle to keep it life long. Why is that? Creating meaningful and sustainable change, I REPEAT - MEANINGFUL & SUSTAINABLE, requires time, dedication, and self-awareness. One period that has proven to be a perfect amount of time for habit and behavior change is 12 weeks. In this blog post, we will delve into why this timeframe is a sweet spot for identifying old habits and beliefs, and how it empowers individuals to cultivate lifelong habits that lead to a stress-free existence.

Week 1-4: Self-Discovery and Awareness

The first four weeks are crucial for self-reflection and exploration. During this period,

individuals are encouraged to take a step back from their hectic lives and dedicate time to understand the root causes of their stress. This is an eye opening time period!! Identifying old habits, beliefs, and thought patterns is the first step towards creating positive change. Now this can be carried out in a multitude of ways, including journaling and mindfulness practices. One of the fastest ways however is seeking support professionals, Life Coaches because they are trained in prompting thoughts by asking meaningful questions that are specifically aimed at aiding in this process of self-discovery. Once the foundations of self-awareness are laid, the next four weeks are focused on unveiling deeply ingrained habits and behaviors.

Week 5-8: Unveiling and Challenging Habits

During this time period we examine daily routines with the aim to recognize stress-inducing triggers and patterns. The key during this time is to question whether these habits align with the person's desired lifestyle and values. The Life Coach teaches the individual the

essentialness of how to be patient and compassionate with oneself during this period, as breaking old habits can be tremendously challenging, because they are often rooted in decades of programming which stems from upbringing, experiences, and beliefs. Armed with a much better understanding of self and our personal conscious and unconscious beliefs and personal stories, along with a clearer perspective on how our daily routines are impacting our days we enter the third stage of the transformational experience, and that is taking empowered action and choosing accountability. Your Life Coach will help you link this to your fundamental why and the person you most truly want to be.

Week 9-12: Building Sustainable Change

As the 12-week mark approaches, the transformation has gained momentum. The knowledge gained in the previous weeks paves the way for building sustainable change. By actively replacing negative habits with positive ones, individuals can create a healthier and more fulfilling lifestyle. Consistency and small, achievable goals are the building blocks of long-lasting change.

Here are some of the additional benefits of the 12-Week timeframe: 1. Sufficient Time for Reflection: Twelve weeks offers the dedicated space and time for introspection and understanding of the underlying causes of stress. Rushing this process or cutting it short can lead to, at best, superficial changes that lack a solid foundation.

2. Realistic and Achievable: The 12-week period is long enough to make significant progress without feeling overwhelming or unattainable. It allows you to set achievable goals and witness visible improvements over time. 3. Embracing Lifelong Change: By dedicating 12 weeks to transformation, you can ingrain new habits and thought patterns into your daily life. This ensures that the changes made during this period have a lasting impact, shaping a stress-free and fulfilling existence in the long run. 4. Measuring Progress: Tracking progress over a 12-week period gives you the chance to see the gains and celebrate victories, identify the setbacks and pitfalls that you know to watch out for next time, and make the necessary adjustments, to experiment. This feedback loop fosters accountability, motivation, and meaningful change.

The 12-week timeframe provides individuals with the space and time needed to take the journey of self-discovery, reflection, and transformation. By dedicating protected time and space for yourself to identify old habits, beliefs, and thoughts that contribute to your stress, you can lay the groundwork for lifelong changes. The process of transformational life coaching empowers individuals to break free from the downward spiral experiences of stress and creates meaningful, sustainable habits that lead to a happier and healthier, more joy filled life. So, if you're seeking a positive change in your life, consider the 12-week approach, and you'll be amazed at the transformative power it can unleash within you.

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Live Well!,
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