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Dealing with the Stress. It’s like your life depends on it. Actually, it does.

Updated: May 28, 2023

You are coming home every day after work and you are barely available to yourself - for those of you who are single, and for those of you who have kids you are barely making yourself available to your family. You get home you can do the bare minimum if anything at all. You head straight to snacksville, you change into your comfy house clothes and plant yourself on your couch, eating ice cream, chips, and endlessly scroll with your tired head hundreds of tik tok or IG feeds. Then its bedtime, well probably long past a healthy bed time - say like its now 10 or 11 or maybe even midnight and you’re just finally getting to bed with an intent to sleep. 

The problem then is that you can’t. You feel wide awake, while feeling exhausted you toss and turn, you eventually fall asleep but before you know it the alarm is going off and its time to get up and start all over again.

You have to deal with the stress.  And by that I mean the stress you are experiencing from within, not the stressor. You actually can’t deal with the stressor unti you have dealt with the stress you are experiencing.

You do have 2 choices here…you can keep telling yourself that it is just a phase you will be ok, maybe get a new job …..but you will still linger with the unhappiness left inside wanting your attention, thereby never escaping the stress, anxiety, exhaustion and overwhelming sadness. Which ultimately will lead to your body feeling sickly (that is if you're not there already). This is because chronic stress response states lead to chronic ailments, illness and injury. 

Your other option is to deal with your stress once and for all. Deal with the stress once and for all so that you can get well enough to deal with the stressor, meaning making healthier choices towards potential job or career changes.

Look at it this way - being well is not a passive thing - its not like you can just change a job and expect your stress to diminish then. Being well is a state of action.

How do you do this? You have to take action to moving yourself from stress response to shutting off the stress response. To hear more about how to do this listen to my last soundbite: “Like your Life Depends on It. Because it does” .

If you want to have a 1 on 1 call with me personally to talk about some specific strategies personal to your lifestyle that can help you to take action schedule with me at

there is no other way to rise above the burnout other than to deal with stress.
dealing with stress

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