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I Know How She Feels. I Was Her.

Meet Grace,

Grace is a career powerhouse. At work, she is the go-to person, the one who could effortlessly juggle tasks and meet any deadline. At home, she is a loving mother, a devoted partner, and the strength for her family. And yet, despite all her accomplishments, Grace was quietly struggling. From the outside she looked like she had it all together, but on the inside, she felt like she was being consumed...

Exhaustion clung to her like a relentless shadow. Brain fog clouded her every thought. Overwhelming stress and anxiety became her daily unwelcome companions.

One fateful day, as Grace sat at her desk, head in her hands, she felt lonelier than she ever has before. Confused by it, because so many people came to her, at home and at work, yet here she sat feeling lonely. How could this be? She had her job, her kids, her partner, everyone admired her for her ability to have and do it all. And all she could do was fantasize about running away and disappearing.

Grace sat there thinking of her kids. What would they do without her if she ran away? Disappeared? Then she desperately thought to herself, there has to be another way. Fighting back the tears, all she wanted was a path... A path, the know how, to having renewed energy, mental clarity, joy, and to feel as organized as she did once upon a time. Grace had heard that maybe life coaching could help her get unstuck. And she knew it would require an investment, in herself.

Full well believing that she had no time left to even sit down and eat lunch, let alone embark on a retreat or a self help program. But she hesitated, the weight of her responsibilities pressing down. But something within her stirred, a glimmer of hope that change was possible.

With newfound resolve, Grace made a decision and embraced the Life Coaching program. Week by week, the lessons unfurled, delivered with care and understanding. The fog began to lift, replaced by a renewed sense of purpose and direction. Her days transformed. No longer a daily white-knuckle struggle, but a dance of efficiency, practicalities and fulfillment.

The overwhelm and anxiety gradually melted away, replaced by a calm, peace-filled presence.

Grace found herself not just managing, but actually thriving.

Her work flourished, because she stopped letting situations or people dictate the outcomes of her day.

Her family radiated joy. And, in the midst of it all, she discovered moments to relish in her own passions.

As the final week approached, Grace looked in the mirror and saw a woman reborn.

Her identity had shifted.

She was no longer the exhausted powerhouse, but a radiant force of nature, harmonizing work, family, and self-care.

And so, the tale of Grace, a character I painted here based on the reality of so many women I've helped, including myself, reminds us all - there's a choice we must make...

...we can continue white-knuckling through our days, or to heed the call to transformation.

Are you ready to embark on your own journey, to step into the clear minded, energy filled, organized, radiant force you're meant to be?

My newest course, "Honing Your Intuition for Setting Healthy Boundaries and Managing Stress" is now available, ready to guide you towards a life of clarity, joy, and full on energy.

Register Now and let the transformation begin.

Enroll in our NEW 3 Week Self Paced Mini Course: "Honing Your Intuition for Setting Healthy Boundaries and Managing Stress"

  • 3 Weeks

  • Mini Course

  • 1 Email with 3 short video lessons per week.

  • taught by Jessica Dela Rosa, Registered Nurse & Certified Life Coach


Week 1 (Sunday 10/1/23): Understanding Intuition & Boundaries

  • Lesson 1: Exploring Intuition: Recognizing and Trusting Inner Signals

  • Lesson 2: Defining Boundaries: Types and Importance in Well-being

  • Lesson 3: Intuition-Boundary Connection: How Intuition Guides Boundary Setting

Week 2 (Sunday 10/8/23): Developing Intuition for Stress Management

  • Lesson 1: Cultivating Mindfulness: Tuning into Inner Wisdom

  • Lesson 2: Enhancing Emotional Intelligence: Recognizing Subtle Cues

  • Lesson 3: Intuitive Decision-Making: Empowering Choices for Well-being

Week 3 (Sunday 10/15/23): Implementing Healthy Boundaries for Sustainable Well-being

  • Lesson 1: Boundary Basics: Setting Clear, Effective Limits

  • Lesson 2: Assertiveness and Communication: Expressing Boundaries with Respect

  • Lesson 3: Navigating Challenges: Handling Resistance and Pushback

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