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They Master Their Stress by Leveraging Their Sphere of Control.

It's shocking...and yet it's not. You're not alone.


percent of employees across America report high levels of stress with extreme

fatigue and loss of control, as reported in a survey of employees across all industries in North America by ComPsych, the largest provider of employee assistance programs (EAPs). Woman who often bear the demands of not only a career, but also family as the primary caretakers of their children, the carer for aging parents, along with personal aspirations, can often feel like a never-ending juggling act. And yet for many women who spend days, months, even years dreaming of reclaiming their joy, orchestrating chaos into harmony, and unlocking a life teeming with purpose, continue to live feeling a sense of lost control, exhaustion and decreased productivity because they believe that is the price paid for success. They keep doing for everyone all around them and living a life where they feel owned by their endless to dos. For career-successful women who are balancing multiple responsibilities with chronic and mounting stress, it can take a toll on both their physical and emotional well-being. There are many effective and practical strategies that can help us navigate stress in ways that do not leave us feeling wiped out, drained or fantasizing about quitting our jobs or running away.

One powerful strategy that holds the key to alleviating this stress lies in understanding and embracing the concept of the "Sphere of Control."

Understanding the Sphere of Control

The Sphere of Control is a psychological concept that distinguishes between elements of our lives we can influence and those we cannot. In essence, it draws a clear line between the actionable and the uncontrollable. For career-successful women, this means recognizing that while they can control their reactions, choices, and perspectives, they cannot dictate external events or others' actions. This understanding forms the foundation of effective stress management.

Letting Go: A Path to Liberation

The act of letting go, while initially challenging, is a liberating process. By acknowledging that certain situations, opinions, or circumstances lie beyond our control, we free ourselves from the burden of constant worry and frustration. Imagine the mental and emotional relief that comes with accepting that rush-hour traffic or others' opinions are not within our power to change. Letting go empowers us to channel our energy into the aspects we can influence, leading to a healthier perspective on life's challenges.

We can't control other people's opinions about us, we can't spend time questioning why someone doesn't like us, or why someone thinks the way they do, or the choices they make, or how they do things. It is wasted energy worrying or fighting or struggling with someone to get them into a space you want. We can't spend time worrying about the outcomes - we have no crystal ball and we have no control on how things are going to turn out. And in the time spent trying to control the situation or matter, we miss the opportunity to be in the moment, to rest, to nourish ourselves, to connect with something or someone else that can give us some joy.

Impact on Stress Management

The impact of embracing the Sphere of Control on stress management is profound. When we shift our focus from the uncontrollable to the actionable, we reclaim a sense of agency over our lives. This shift in perspective paves the way for stress reduction by allowing us to prioritize our energy on effective solutions and self-care practices. A career-successful woman who directs her efforts toward her reactions, choices, and personal growth not only minimizes stress but also gains a renewed sense of purpose.

Empowering Self-Care and Resilience

By centering our attention on what is within our Sphere of Control, we create space for meaningful self-care. Career-successful women often neglect self-care due to time constraints, perpetuating stress and exhaustion. However, recognizing that self-care is an essential aspect of our well-being is a transformative realization. Nurturing our physical, mental, and emotional health becomes a priority, allowing us to build resilience against the challenges that come our way.

A Path to Balance and Fulfillment

The Sphere of Control serves as a guiding principle in the journey toward stress management and well-being for career-successful women. By distinguishing between what we can influence and what we cannot, we unlock the power to let go gracefully. This liberation from unnecessary worry and the focus on actionable solutions create a foundation for a balanced and fulfilling life. Remember, true empowerment lies in recognizing that while we cannot control every circumstance, we have the ability to shape our responses and choices, ultimately crafting a narrative of resilience and achievement.


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