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Guest Appearances

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An interview with me by Carrie Hobdell Neely.

Tropical Flower
Live on. facebook

I am honored to have been invited throughout the month of May 2022 to FB Group Second Spring Naturals Skincare and Wellness to speak every Thursday.

Head on over there to Facebook to see all the amazing work being done by them promoting self-care!!

This week's post in the group shares my own journey through burnout and how I found my way back into a joy filled life once again! Including explaining how I believe that joy is the key to youth and healthy living!


SecondSpringNaturals Skincare creates and sells beautiful self-care products made from the heart!!

guest appearance

From a career at the top of the corporate healthcare ladder to a life-changing decision to follow her true path, Jessica Dela Rosa joins us today to share her story and tell us how she is now helping other women to live their own dreams.

Interview at GigZine

“Energy is Clarity & Joy!” and I think her many happy clients will agree with that sentiment. She shares with us her thoughts on growing a business and balancing life.

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