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Episode 2: A Mini Workshop: A Personal Strategy to Managing Your Day to Day Stress.

Stress Management Strategy Workbook

1. 3 Month Vision Worksheet

2. How Vulnurable Am I To Stress?

3. ReEngeneering My Relationship With Stress.

Energy Reset for Stress Management Toolkit

There are many tools and techniques for managing stress. But without energy, there is no mental clarity, without clarity its tough making the strategic decisions to self care effectively, be organized, get focused and live life on our terms.

Self Care Assessment Worksheet

Life Coaching

In this PDF: A hands on Self Assessment Worksheet


Start with this free self-care assessment tool which will help you identify areas that require your most attention for right now. Yes, every area of your life needs attention right now you might be thinking - but where do you need to start today?  By answering a series of targeted questions, you will gain valuable insight into various aspects of your physical, emotional, and mental health. This assessment tool not only helps women like you gauge your current self-care practices but also assists in recognizing areas where you are neglecting your well-being. With a whole lot of stress, exhaustion and burnout comes an overwhelming feeling of loss and indecision of where to begin. This tool can provide you with personalized feedback and help to get you started prioritizing self-care activities that are most essential to you right now! 

Energy. Reset. Go!

Health Coaching

In this PDF: information, Magic Plate Model & Getting Started Grocery List!


Healthy eating without dieting or starving can have a remarkable impact on increasing energy levels, which in turn aids in managing stress more effectively. When we nourish our bodies with a balanced and nutrient-rich diet, we provide them with the fuel they need to conquer our millions of responsibilities! Learn how to practically eat a variety of foods, including your favorites, while ensuring steady energy production resulting in overall vitality. Its not about deprivation, but about understanding how our bodies work and what it needs! Knowing the keys for how to eat for energy supports optimal brain function and mental clarity, enabling us to think more clearly and make better decisions when facing stressful situations. 

Magic Snacks Cheat Sheet

Anti-inflammatory  Eating 

Cooking with friends

In this PDF: Learn about anti-inflammatory foods and a Getting Started Grocery List of anti-inflammatory foods! 


Incorporating anti-inflammatory foods into our diet can offer significant benefits in reducing inflammation, enhancing mental clarity, boosting energy levels, and aiding in stress management. Chronic inflammation can take a toll on our physical and mental well-being, contributing to various health issues and exacerbating stress levels. Anti-inflammatory foods contain compounds that combat inflammation and promote a healthier inflammatory response in the body. By incorporating these foods into our meals, we can help decrease inflammation, which, in turn, supports better cognitive function, improved mental clarity, and increased energy levels. When inflammation is reduced, brain fog diminishes, allowing for improved focus, concentration, and memory retention. Additionally, the energy-boosting effects of anti-inflammatory foods provide us with the stamina and resilience needed to better manage stress, as we are better equipped to handle the physical and emotional demands that stress places on our bodies. By prioritizing a diet rich in anti-inflammatory foods, we promote overall well-being, optimize mental performance, and develop healthier coping mechanisms for navigating stress.

In this PDF: Several  energy reset snack combination ideas easy to buy, pack and pick-at snacks for all day long on the go!


Its tough to pause and take a break for a full lunch in the middle of our work day. Then, by the time we get home we are scarfing down loads of unhealthy snacks to satisfy our cravings and hunger! It doesn't have to be this way. Healthy snacking throughout the day can play a vital role in maintaining the energy levels necessary to handle stressors effectively. Opting for snacks that combine protein, healthy fats, and complex carbohydrates helps stabilize blood sugar levels and prevents energy dips. By keeping our energy levels stable, we can better manage stressors throughout the day, as we have the physical and mental stamina required to tackle challenges. Additionally, healthy snacks provide essential nutrients and can help curb unhealthy cravings, reducing the likelihood of relying on sugary or processed foods that can lead to energy crashes. The act of snacking itself can also serve as a mindful break, allowing us to pause, refuel, and recharge, promoting a sense of balance and well-being in the face of daily stressors. By incorporating healthy snacks into our routine, we maintain a steady supply of energy, enhance our ability to handle stress, and support overall productivity and resilience.

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